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January 17, 2009

Purposeful Prayer

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Matthew 6:5-15 And when you pray …

Can you picture in your mind a Christian never praying? Christianity and praying go together. It is natural for the Christian. If you are a Christian and you do not pray you may want to ask yourself why is it that I am not doing one of the most natural traits of being a child of God?

Here in this portion of the section we call “The Sermon on the Mount” we learn that praying is demanded – “When you pray …”

Don’t put on a show! Don’t go public! Don’t babble on! No – instead: Be Personal! Be Private! Be Forgiving!

John MacArthur
“None of us can comprehend exactly how prayer functions within the infinite mind of God. … The Bible is unequivocal about God’s sovereignty. But it is equally unequivocal in declaring that within His sovereignty God calls on His people to beseech Him in prayer – to implore His help in guidance, provision, protection, mercy, forgiveness, and countless other needs.

It is neither required nor possible to fathom the divine working that makes prayer effective. God simply commands us to obey [”When you pray”] the principles of prayer that His Word gives”

(The MacArthur New Testament Commentary, Matthew 1-7, Moody Press, 198, p. 362).

Purposeful prayer realizes that our prayers are to bring glory to God. We are to be concerned with the exaltation of the name, kingdom, and will of the Lord Jesus Christ. And then as it pleases the Father, He will answer accordingly.



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