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November 2, 2009

When Atheists Believe –

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When Atheists Believe –

Christianity Today, Chuck Colson, October 2009 (condensed)

In recent years Great Britain’s chief export to the U.S. has been a payload of books by atheist authors such as evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and literary critic Christopher Hitchens. They contend that faith is irrational in the face of modern science. Other prominent British atheists seem to be having second thoughts. Is there some revival sweeping England? No; they are examining the rationality of Christianity, the very beliefs Dawkins and others are so profitably engaging, but are coming to opposite conclusions.

Well-known scholar Anthony Flew was the first, saying he had to go “where the evidence [led].” Evolutionary theory, he concluded, has no reasonable explanation for the origin of life.

More recently, A.N. Wilson, once thought to be the next C.S. Lewis who then renounced his faith and spent years mocking Christianity, returned to faith. The reason, he said in an interview with New Statesman, was that atheists “are missing out on some very basic experiences of life.” Listening to Bach and reading the works of religious authors, he realized that their worldview or “perception of life was deeper, wiser, and more rounded than my own.”

He noticed that the people who insist we are “simply anthropoid apes” cannot account for things as basic as language, love, and music. That, along with the “even stronger argument” of how the “Christian faith transforms individual lives,” convinced Wilson that “the religion of the incarnation…is simply true.”

Likewise, Matthew Parris, another well-known British atheist, made the mistake of visiting Christian aid workers in Malawi, Where he saw the power of the gospel transforming them and others.

Could this signal a trend? Faith and reason are not enemies. We are given reason as a gift. And while we can’t reason our way to God (only the power of God can transform fallen men) Christianity is the most rational explanation of reality.

A strong empirical case can be made to show that Christianity is the only rational explanation of life. Why is there sin and suffering? Is redemption possible? List the various philosophies and prominent world religions. By examining how each view answers these questions, determination can be made about which world-view conforms to the way things really are. This is the correspondence theory of truth–a thoroughly rational test.

— Perfect love casts out fear. Cindy


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