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April 22, 2010

Christ Suffered …

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No born-again soul shall suffer the eternal judgment of God, for he has forever passed beyond the reach of penal death or the curse of the Law, Christ having suffered the curse on his behalf.  |  A.W. Pink


April 20, 2010

No Faith!

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No Faith!

Oh, you have no faith in Christ, no faith in Jesus the Substitute – that terrible negative, that treacherous unbelief of yours will be a condemning sin against you! It will be proof positive that you hated God! For a man must hate God indeed who will spurn His counsels, give no heed to His reproof, scorn His grace, and dare the vengeance of Him Who points out the way of escape and the path that leadeth to life.  |  Charles H. Spurgeon


April 15, 2010

Who Then Can Be Saved?

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Who Then Can Be Saved?

“Well,” saith one, “who then can be saved?” Ah! Indeed, who then can be saved? Let me tell you who. There will come forward those who have believed in Jesus, and albeit they have many sins to which they  might well plead guilty, they will b e able to say, “Great God, Thou didst provide for us a substitute, and Thou didst say that if we would [believe on] Him, He should be a substitute for us and our sins upon Himself. We did [believe on] Him, our sins were laid on Him, and we have now no sins. They have been transferred from us to the great Savior, Substitute, and Sacrifice.”  |  Charles H. Spurgeon


April 13, 2010

What I Am Assured of –

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What I am assured of –

What saves me is the “one foundation” than which none other can be laid, “Jesus Christ.” It is the breastplate of righteousness that saves me! So as I think of myself and my work, and eternity and judgment, the only thing I can be sure of is the righteousness of Jesus Christ, which I have received by faith.  |  D.M. Lloyd-Jones


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