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September 26, 2018

A Book to Read …

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Authorized: The Use & Misuse of the King James Bible (KJV) – Mark Ward | Lexham Press, 2018, ISBN 978-1-68359-055-2.
Authorized - KJV
This small book is written about the author’s experience of reading the KJV throughout his early years. It also speaks of his love for the KJV’s vulgar “Elizabethan English,” (which was “the man on the street” or Tyndale’s “plough boy” language). His book looks at the KJV translator’s common language then compared to the common language now. He does this by discussing how certain word meanings then are compared to their meaning now. He also writes of some of the KJV Elizabethan words then are no longer used now and have become even obsolete today. Thus the author argues that as the KJV was a “book-of-the-common-man” then – so too there is the same necessity of having our English translation(s) more aligned with our common vulgar of today. The author’s argument is very plausible and should be examine closely. I think one would benefit from this book. Therefore I recommend it to be purchased and read.


September 22, 2018

A Book to Read …

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The Holy War – John Buyan | Whitaker House, 1985, ISBN 978-0-88368-706-2.  The jacket reads:  “From the author of The Pilgrim’s Progress comes a powerful allegory about the battle being fought for man’s heart, mind, and spirit.” I enjoyed the book as I do most of John Bunyan’s writing.  However, I do not think this meets up to the same standard as his Pilgrim’s  Progress. Bunyan does use a lot of metaphor names which reflects many of our “Mansoul’s” fleshly traits and of course those from the enemy “Diabolus”.

If you like reading John Bunyan may I also recommend to you his, “Grace Abounding: to Sinners” – it is an excellent testimony of his journey from the “most notorious rebel in his village to a great man of faith”.

September 13, 2018

A Book to Read …

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Assured by God: Living in the Fullness of God’s Grace – Burk Parsons, editor | Published by: P & R Publishing Co., 2006, ISBN 978-1-59638-029-5. This is a book on the doctrine of Assurance. Along with the editor there are several contributors, such as: Philip Ryken, Albert Mohler, Jr., Sinclair Ferguson, John MacArthur, and others. The Foreword and Epilogue was supplied by R. C. Sproul. The book abides by its title throughout. I also found it to be very informative and supplied with much Scripture. However, Ch. 8 gave me some reserve thoughts. As a Baptist I am always hesitant to tie the ordinances/elements (sacraments – author) of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism to any thing other than memorial in use {cf. 144, 146} or of prayer {153} as being indicated as part of a means of grace. I will leave it up to the readers to determine if my hesitations are appropriate or not. Over all this is a good book for anyone who is often dealing with doubts and fears concerning their salvation. For it truly shows that salvation is of the LORD (Jonah 2:9). May we always remember concerning our assurance – “It is always about God and not us!” I recommend this book to be read and kept in your library.

[Joanna – I urge you to read this book. It has been a great help to me. For I too have faced some of the same struggles. Bruce 🌷 SDG]Assured by God

August 30, 2018

A Book to Read …

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God Has Preserved His Text! : The Divine Preservation of the New TestamentWilbur N. Pickering | 2017, ISBN 9-780997-468625.

This book had been one the most technical I have read since Seminary. Its focus is based on the title. Throughout Dr. Pickering (Ph.D), is giving his defense for the Majority Text / Byzantine manuscripts family superiority over the Alexandria Text / Vaticanus & Sinaiticus manuscripts family. I have been an advocate for the Majority Texts for years as the preserver of the Koine autographs. So I enjoyed reading it even when it got bogged down in all of his stats. It is not a fast read.God Has Preserved His Text

August 10, 2018

A Book to Read …

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Another Book –
To consider 📕 📖

“From God To Us: How We Got Our Bible” – Norman L. Geisler and William E. Nix | Published by: Moody Publishers, 2012, ISBN 978-0-8024-2882-0. (This is the second edition which has been revised and expanded from the 1974 edition.)

This book examines the journey of the Word of God – our Bibles. The major topics discussed are inspiration, canonicity of the OT, the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT), the Greek Septuagint (LXX), and the discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls and The Documents in the Judean Desert. Also, the canonicity of the NT, the various Greek manuscripts such as the Textus Receptus (TR), Majority/Byzantine text (M), Alexandrian/Critical text (NU) used in the English translations of today. Personally, I found this book will be a useful resource concerning “How We Got Our Bible.” However, as in all books on this subject – one’s bias opinions usually determines whether they will like it or not! I think it is worth spending the $$. | 08/10/2018

November 1, 2017

A Book to Read …

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The Man Christ Jesus: Theological Reflections on the Humanity of Christ – Bruce A.Ware | Published Crossway Books, c. 2012 / printing 2013, ISBN 978-1-4335-1305-3.
Jesus Christ had two natures. He was fully divine and fully human. Christology is the study of Jesus Christ. This book focuses upon His aspect of being a human-man. In this book He looks at the function, the necessity, and the experiences of Jesus Christ as a man. It is excellent study of the man, Jesus Christ. I recommend that this book be put on your reading list and/or on your library shelf. | 10-31-17

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