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December 28, 2013

Books I Read in 2013 …

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Between moving from Hinesville to Cartersville and the time it took to reset my study area – the list is small this year.


1.      A Guide To: Expository Ministry – Dan Dumas, Editor | Every once in a while you come across a book that is unique. It is like finding a jewel among smooth stones. This book is small about 100 pages. It contains only seven chapters, but each chapter is packed full of helpful insights. It is divided into two sections. The first deals with the preacher and how he is to approach the Word of God. The second deals with the hearer and how they are to respond to the preacher and the Word of God. I highly recommend this book to ministers and other serious individuals that wish to understand the importance of an “Expository Ministry. | 01/31/2013

2.      Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call To Restore Biblical Church Leadership – Alexander Strauch | John MacArthur wrote, “Mr. Strauch has made a fine contribution to the subject of eldership. I am confident it will be helpful to many.” That defines the reason for this book. Mr. Strauch examines the aspect of what is an elder, what an elder does, and why NT churches should be elder-led. He is thorough in his examination of the appropriate texts and historical backgrounds. If one is considering the adopting an elder-led church this book should be on their reading list. | 02/20/2013


3.      Puritan Evangelism: A Biblical ApproachJoel R. Beeke | This book is only 78 pages. Thus, it is a good & quick read. If you like anything concerning the Puritans you will enjoy this little book. It has some very practicable and timely aspects about evangelism especially concerning the practices of the Puritans to those of our modern times. I highly recommend this book. | 05/07/2013



4.      The Minor Prophets (Vol. 1): An Expositional Commentary | Hosea-Jonah – James Montgomery Boice | The commentary is pastoral. Boice occasionally gives a deeper understanding of particular words, but over-all his comments are along the line of a pastor teaching the reader concerning these particular books from the OT. He shows that God is sovereign and that He displays His mercy to those He so chooses. Boice often demonstrates how these OT prophetic writings so often relate to the NT and especially of Christ Jesus. The author freely displays his evangelical leanings throughout the commentary. I recommend books by Boice – he has an easy-side approach in his teaching style. | 01/07/2013

5.      The Minor Prophets (Vol. 2): An Expository Commentary | Micah-Malachi – James Montgomery Boice | I highly recommend books by Boice. | 12/28/2013

Bios – Anytime you get the opportunity to read about the saints of old – I highly recommend that – God’s people of the past are an inspiration to His people today.

6.      William Tyndale: A Biography – by David Daniell | This book is the second that I have read by author, David Daniell. This book, like the first …. | 05/29/2012


7.      John Gill: And The Cause Of God And Truth – by George M. Ella | I first became aware of this book from a textual footnote while reading (actually, I am still in the process of reading) History of the English Calvinistic Baptist 1771-1892: from John Gill to C.H. Spurgeon by Robert W. Oliver. Though it has taken me several months to read this book on Gill, (due to my library of books being packed away in boxes while moving from Hinesville to Cartersville to resetting up the library), it is one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. The author sets out to disprove the notion that John Gill was a Hyper-Calvinist. The author has accomplished this goal with great success.  He not only shows that Gill was not a Hyper-Calvinist, but he also demonstrates that he was indeed an evangelical minister, as well as, an avid theologian, preacher, and yes a Calvinist. If you have not taken the time to read Gill’s works you are missing out on some great theological teaching. I highly recommend that you read this book. As far as I know it is only available in a used format. I was able to find it through Amazon.com about a year ago. So happy book hunting and enjoy the read – it will be well worth your time. | 12-19-2013




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